Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why / How ISLAM?

'How do you learn Islam?'
'Why do you revert to Islam?'

There are many more questions that people often ask me when they knew that I have embrace Islam. Most of them will ask from where I learn or from who. Although there are many questions but there is only one answer. Its the same answer every time.

'Allah gave me the hidayah.'

I have been always trying to learn about religion since I was small. Before I revert to Islam, I was a Buddhist because my family are Buddhist. Unlike my other siblings, I read books on Buddhism (most of the books can be found in English). I find many interesting ideas and principles in Buddhism. However the most interesting of all is this line in one of the books I read.

Buddha said,"Do not pray at me as I am just a human..."

I can't remember all but I think you get the idea. As I get older I learn that my family is not actually Buddhist but they are actually practicing BTC. BTC means Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It means that in some aspect like obedience to parents follow the Confucianism, some other aspect like praying ceremonies follow the Taoism and in the sense of knowing God follow Buddhism.

The thing is all this three ideology actually are very different and a lot of the three teachings clashes with one another. However at that time I am still young and just follow what my parents ask me to do.

After my STPM, I manage to further study at Universiti Malaya. During 3 years of studies, I learned a lot about Christianity, Hindunism and Islam. I always remind my self not to 'JUST FOLLOW' like what I did when I was younger. Among the three religion, Islam catches my eyes the most not because my Malay muslim friends are the best example. It is because I find out the things that they practice is very different from the things I read in books.

This is when I start asking my friends about Islam. From the most simplest question to the most complex questions.

'Why some people takbir during here and here and some people don't? I thought it should be the same wat?'
'Why some people move their finger during Tahiyat?'
'Why some muslim wear like this and some don't'
'Why some women wear socks and some don't'
'If there are some people in this world who did not know about Islam, will they still go to heaven?'

I could not find answers to all my questions but I am quite lucky because they point me to the right directions. From here I study Islam. I learned about the real Islam. How simple it is, how easy it is to live as a muslim. Sometime along my journey to learn Islam, I learn how to differenciate the Malay culture and Islam (the hard way).

I tried fasting, I tried waking up early just to see my roomate pray, I tried to dress well (no aurat seen), no pork, no alchohol, only halal food. (this is easy because I rarely eat pork and drink). At this point I am sure that Islam is the best way of life. It give me the best solution to all my ill attitudes (one of it is lazy).

Until one day, I am convince and recite the syahadah and I open my heart to love Allah.

Do not just depend on others to tell you about your religion, we have to do research to know the truth of Islam. We might me mislead from the true path of Islam if we only follow what other people say.

(This story is shortern because I am tired, will update and edit it someday.)


  1. Assalaamu'alaykum,

    If you have some time on Sunday mornings, do join English classes at Al-Khaadem - very enlightening, usually given by Ustadz Hussin Yee :)

  2. Waalaikumsalam,

    InsyaAllah I will try to go starting from next week.