Thursday, April 30, 2009

Galaxy explosion in the Quran

Some of the things that happens out there cannot be seen with naked eyes or heard with our naked ears.

It have been known to man after the creation of the universe many galaxies are born and many dies. With the advancement of science and with the help of telescopes, we are able to understand our galaxy more.

What I want to share today is one of the Signs by Allah:
[Al-Rohman 55:37 "And when the heaven splitteth asunder and becometh rosy like paint"]

This verse was revealed about 1400-1500 years ago. At that time, not much about outer space are known to man. Today with technology we can understand this verse better. When the galaxies explode, they will form a rose shaped explosion.

For me this scientific miracle in the Quran proven the integrity of the Quran itself as words of the All-Mighty Allah S.W.T. Our Prophet S.A.W. could never thought of this himself and there are no gadgets or science at that time to see how the galaxy explodes. Maybe one day our sun will blow up resembling like the shape of the rose.

Note: The Noble Verse in Arabic says: "Fa-itha inshaqqati alssamao fakanat wardatan kaalddihani" "Wardatan" is derived from the root word "Warda", which literally means "rose" or "flower".

In the Arabic Noble Verse, "wardatan" was translated as "ROSY" above. The root word "WARDA" in Arabic LITERALLY means "ROSE" or "FLOWER". The "tan" at the end of "wardatan" is not part of the word. It is only an Arabic PUNCTUATION that only changes the sound of the word for grammatical rules.

It is pronounced as "ten", with the "a" being short. The reason why the above word was not written as "wardaten" is because in many parts of the world, the English word "ten" (number 10) is pronounced as "tin". Only the American-English pronounce the "e" as a short "a". Most of the world uses the British-English system and they pronounce the "e" as "i", and the "o" as it is, such as "stop" pronounced as "stope".

The American-English pronounces the "o" as a thick "a". Also, if we were to add two Arabic characters, "alif" and "noon" at the end of "warda", it would change the pronunciation to "taan" (wardataan), and it then becomes two "wardas"; plural.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bertaklid tetapi anti kepada taklid

Kami pernah bertanya kepada seorang yang anti taqlid:
'Bagaimana kamu belajar bersolat?'

Dia menjawab:
'Melalui seorang yang mengajarnya kepada saya.'

Kami bertanya lagi:
'Adakah daripada al-Quran atau Hadith?'

Dia menjawab: 'Tidak'

Maka kamipun berkata kepadanya.
'Bukankah ini juga adalah taqlid kepada seorang yang mengajar kamu solat.'

Kalau sekiranya dia berkata:
'Saya cuma membaca sebuah buku karangan seorang ulamak pada zaman kini yang membahaskan mengenaii solat.'

Kami akan berkata:
'Ini juga taqlid kepada pengarang kitab tersebut.'

Adakalanya dia berkata, bertaqlid adalah bid'ah. Bila kita bertanya: 'Kenapa?'
'Kerana tidak pernah dilakukan oleh Rasulullah S.A.W. dan para sahabatnya, bahkan tidak pernah diperintahkan oleh syariat sebelum ini.'

Maka kami bertanya kepadanya:
'Bagaimana kamu tahu bahawa tidak pernah disebut?'
Dia menjawab:
'Aku mendengar Syeikh polan mengatakannya,'
Realitinya dia mendengar daripada lelaki tersebut. Bukankah ini juga taqlid?

Kenapalah wahai saudaraku, kamu anti kepada mengikut kepada seorang yang hidup pada zaman yang hampir dengan zaman Rasulullah S.A.W., yang mahir dalam selok bahasa Arab dan dalam memahami hadith Rasulullah S.A.W., kemudian kamu merelakan dirimu bertaqlid kepada seorang yang hidup pada zaman ini yang ilmu, kefahaman, warak dan takwanya tidak mencecah lebih daripada buku lali ulama terdahulu/silam?

P/s: Rujukan yang terbaik ialah al-Quran dan hadith2.
-Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan-

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Its been a very tiring week for me since I have 2 night classes this week. I kept on telling myself that its worth it. I hope my hard work will pay off when I see my students excel in their life and discipline later on.

This week I met with an Ustaz Azhar nearby my house at Kerinchi. I have some talk to him. He seems very knowledgeable. I hope to learn from him. At first we talked about the normal stuff (fikh issues) then about politics and politics in Islamic view. I am quite happy that my views is about the same as his. However I am quite sad when this conversation happen:

Ustaz: Awak biasanya belajar di mana?

Saya: Oh, jika saya sempat saya pergi kuliah-kuliah sekitar area KL. Contohnya di al-Khadeem ngan Hussein Yee. Kadang-kadag kat IIS di Setiawangsa.

Ustaz: Yang setiawangsa tu ok tapi Hussein Yee ni saya nasihatkan janganla... (sambil menggoyang-goyangkan kepala)

At that moment I was dunno wat to say already. So many questions is in my head. How can someone with Islamic knowledge like him say say such thing. How can you say bad things about another brother that helps to spread Islam? Have he ever met Hussein Yee.

I dont know wat to say so I say: 'Tak apa ustaz, biasanya saya ada buat rujukan.'

Again another Muslim is called a Wahabi. Usually those with not much of education will do so. What was running in my head was how can you label someone 'Wahabi' if you do not know what the word is? Watever shitty accusation of these people is not true at all. They say that wahabi say this and that. When I went to hear the 'kuliah' of the so called wahabi, I only find them preaching the al-Quran and Sunnah.

Even though sometimes it if different from the Shafie mazhab but they explained it clearly on the discussion among the Imams, scholars etc and the hadiths involved. I can only see al-sunnah wal jamaah here. No such thing as wahabi.

Dont these people know that the Syiahs have been using this word to label us the Sunnis? So that we will be scared and fall into their trap. The Syiahs trap.
Its so sad....

Anyway I would like to thank sis Aliya for this award:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Rafflesia story

It was about a week ago when my course leader called me up and asked if I would like go to to Ulu Geroh, nearby Gopeng to see the Rafflesia plant. We actually went there before but only to find the flower to be destroyed maybe by animals. The last time we went we can only see the rafflesia buds.
Just to see the parasitic plant, we need to climb about an hour uphill through trails made by the local Semai people here. I nearly died climbing. And the route is full of insects and leeches.

So I agreed to follow him, on the way we met a man. His face looks clean and his hair is white. He looks like a foreigner but actually he is a Malay. He was alone and wanted to see the plant as well so the three of us went up the hill togather and Alhamdullilah, this time we are lucky to see one blooming. It takes about 9 months for the rafflesia buds to bloom. And when it does, it will wilt within a week.

MasyaAllah, SubhanaAllah, it was so beautiful.

While resting, we found out that the guy we met is actually a pilot. We talked about life, money and religion.

What are you doing now?

I am a pilot.

Wow! No wonder you are so fit. U are 20+ older than me and you have the stamina more than I do. What's your secret?

Just walk. I play golf so I walked a lot. Never use the caddy car. So each game I walked about 7km. Allah S.W.T. gave us this body so we have to take care of it. It is our responsibility to our self.

That time, I was thinking of myself. I felt ashamed because lately I am getting fatter. I did not take care of my body as much as I used to. It is our responsibility as muslims to take care of our body so that it is healthy. Clean our body etc.

Anyway, what both of you do?

We are teachers in UIA matriculation. I think this is the first time that I had a real conversation with a pilot. What is the work like? How does it feel?

Well, I am just a pilot. I carry people from point A to point B. Our jobs is similar but rather than carrying people from places you carry them through their life.

I was shocked to hear this from a pilot. Alhamdullilah, he reminded me how heavy the work of a teacher is. If he makes mistakes while flying, he will endanger others life. However if we teachers makes mistakes in educating and teaching a student, we might destroy his future, our student might end up taking other peoples life and even worse might become a treat to our religion.

I pray to Allah so that He will give us the strength to educate the students so that they will follow His Way. InsyaAllah I will try my very best. And I pray to Allah so that this pilot will be protected from danger, have a healthy longer life.

When he knew that I was a revert, he told us the story about a deaf girl who are interested to revert to Islam. He said that she hesitate because she do not want to change her name. Her name was given by her parents.

The pilot later explained that, the Malay muslims in the Jabatan Agama wants her to change name. He said that is 'bullshit', we are making our religion harder for the new reverts and the people who wanted to revert. She should just kept her name as it was. Infortunately, this only happens in Malaysia.....

I totally agreed, we only have to change name if it carries bad meanings. I respect this man in front of me. He is a pilot, yet modest and the best of all he knew his religion well.

We parted after having lunch. I felt so thankful I met this man. I always think that it is arranged by Allah. Alhamdullilah. I took his contacts. InsyaAllah I will contact him again.