Thursday, April 30, 2009

Galaxy explosion in the Quran

Some of the things that happens out there cannot be seen with naked eyes or heard with our naked ears.

It have been known to man after the creation of the universe many galaxies are born and many dies. With the advancement of science and with the help of telescopes, we are able to understand our galaxy more.

What I want to share today is one of the Signs by Allah:
[Al-Rohman 55:37 "And when the heaven splitteth asunder and becometh rosy like paint"]

This verse was revealed about 1400-1500 years ago. At that time, not much about outer space are known to man. Today with technology we can understand this verse better. When the galaxies explode, they will form a rose shaped explosion.

For me this scientific miracle in the Quran proven the integrity of the Quran itself as words of the All-Mighty Allah S.W.T. Our Prophet S.A.W. could never thought of this himself and there are no gadgets or science at that time to see how the galaxy explodes. Maybe one day our sun will blow up resembling like the shape of the rose.

Note: The Noble Verse in Arabic says: "Fa-itha inshaqqati alssamao fakanat wardatan kaalddihani" "Wardatan" is derived from the root word "Warda", which literally means "rose" or "flower".

In the Arabic Noble Verse, "wardatan" was translated as "ROSY" above. The root word "WARDA" in Arabic LITERALLY means "ROSE" or "FLOWER". The "tan" at the end of "wardatan" is not part of the word. It is only an Arabic PUNCTUATION that only changes the sound of the word for grammatical rules.

It is pronounced as "ten", with the "a" being short. The reason why the above word was not written as "wardaten" is because in many parts of the world, the English word "ten" (number 10) is pronounced as "tin". Only the American-English pronounce the "e" as a short "a". Most of the world uses the British-English system and they pronounce the "e" as "i", and the "o" as it is, such as "stop" pronounced as "stope".

The American-English pronounces the "o" as a thick "a". Also, if we were to add two Arabic characters, "alif" and "noon" at the end of "warda", it would change the pronunciation to "taan" (wardataan), and it then becomes two "wardas"; plural.


  1. Assalamu'alaikum,
    I attended the ESQ165 and on the 1st day, we watched superb video clips of the Big Bang theory, and how the whole universe is formed by our Creator. Everything in Hawkin's theory has been revealed in the al-Quran 1500 years before. The whole hall was silent except the speaker, and most of us were reciting,"Subhanallah.."

  2. Waalaikumsalam,

    Yes the big bang theory. I am still working on that one for this blog. LOL.

    Allah reveal to us many Signs so we would believe Him. Alhamdullilah many have been exposed to the beauty of science in the Quran.

    The latest research is 'The Big Bounce'. Scientist proven that the big crunch already happened once to our universe and its already in the Quran 1400-1500 years ago.

  3. assalamualaikum,
    there's this program called Qur'an dan Sains on Radio IKIM 91.5 Klang Valley every Tuesday from 6.15-7.00 p.m. pretty interesting. the last one talked about fingerprint, the skin, and body defense mechanism.