Friday, June 12, 2009


You can read aout them here:

After reading some article, I find something is wrong and doesnt smell right. Why do you need an organization like this if you have Islam? The Islamic Law is perfect. There is no flaw at all. This organization is promoting that Islam is not good enough for them. They still think that there is no fairness between men and women. I think this happened because most Muslims do not know their duty as men and as women. Both have their own responsibility and rights in the eye of Islam.

For most people nowadays, they think Islam is just a religion. They sure is wrong. Islam is not just a religion. Its a way of life. Muslim means surrender to Allah and do what He commands. So if a person claim that they are Muslims, they must follow the law laid down to us by Allah S.W.T. through His messenger Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. If a person who does not fallow this set of law then he/she is not a Muslim. If you do not want to follow this set of laws then DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AS MUSLIMS. I can see that this SIS do not want to follow this law. And they dare to call themselves Muslims?

I can see how SIS is destroying the beautiful image of Islam. The non-muslims is supporting them because SIS is supporting the law of the kafirs.

Najib gave his speech. I think he do not know Islam good enough. Dr Mahathir is also wrong. The ex-prime ministers daughters that support SIS. Look below:

The top is Marina Mahathir and the bottom is Nori Abdullah.
Do they look like Muslims?
Looks like kafirs. The people who rejects God's Law. This people thinks that their law are better than Allah!

They can be good doctors, engineers or watever they are doing but one thing for sure they are ignorant when it come to Islam.

Wake up muslims and see our leaders. They are ignorant of Islam


  1. Assalamu'alaikum, brother, I totally agree..we don't need any org like creates more confusion in the non muslim miinds about the true nature of Islam.Islam does not negelct the welfare of the muslim women, yet these ppl claim that women in Islam are not treated fairly..i assume that they are confused about what Islam says and what culture says.insyaAllah keep up the good work akhi.. you mind i put link to your blog??

  2. Waalaikumsalam Warahmatulah

    Thank you bro, I dont mind if you link. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Salam Ziarah

    Been to Dr MAZA's forum that day @ Masjid Wilayah and I think that his opinion does make sense. He agrees that there are problems regarding Islamic issues and laws that are misinterpreted by SIS, but then again, there are no proper Islamic society/body and such that guides Muslimah in some issues - unfair polygamy, abuse, divorce cases that takes years to be solved by the court (this is Syariah Court that we are talking about). So what say you? I think that maybe if they are guided or there is a proper Islamic body that will help Muslimah in handling these problems that they face, maybe that could solve the problem.

  4. Salam,

    Actually there is, our Sultan who is suppose to be Ketua Agama Islam.

    Even the Sultan didnt play his part in issues like this. At the very least, the sultan must at least have a body to solve cases like this. Oh I forget, he do have 'that' body which is our Jabatan Agama Islam. They are doing wat?

    We also did not not play our part to protest etc. If nothing is done and this continues. I dont know about the future and the image of muslims in our country. Most of us will end up living like a 'kafir' and still call ourselves muslims?

    The Syariah Court still work with lawyers and rules like the kafir court. This is the reason why so many cases is still unsolved. Why not just implement hudud law? At least on the muslims first..... so they would wake up and acts muslim at least.

  5. Terima kasih kerana jelas yang pertubuhan ini memang terlalu banyak kesamaran dalam penghayatan Islamnya.....

  6. We dont need SIS to interprete Islamic Laws for us. They make a lot of mistakes. We need our Ulamaks to do that. When I say Ulamak its not just some Tom and Jerry who is teaching matapelajaran Islam in some school.

    We need people who really know Hadis and Quran. We need real Daeis to guide us not a bunch of people who claim Muslim but does not practice the Islamic Laws.

  7. Salam hong,
    I detest the name SIS and its misguided concept of Islamic fairness. Like the blind leading the blind into the well. sigh..Wish other muslimat organizations would take a more active role for the future of Muslimah in this nation.